As some of you may know. Our channel has hit 42 subscribers as of this post. We are currently working on a 50 subscriber special. We are going to be making Capture the Flag in vanilla using the new minecraft 1.8 features. It may take a while to do, but it is going to be our 50 subscriber special/minecraft 1.8 minigame map.
Using the redstone skills that I know, I have made a fully working binary calculator.
You can find more info and a world download at the PMC page using the button below.
We were derping around on our animator and made this animated GIF of a derpy villager. It is free to download with the button below.
I got a little bored and decided to make an animated gif of the mustache egg from element animation.
You can download the image by clicking the button below.
If you ever need a quick way to play the troll song, just go over to
It will play the troll song for you.

Feeling like a troll.

So, minecraft has a thing for not having curves. So I thought for a little bit. And soon came the MinecraftRainbow.
This is a random loading icon that we made while playing around on our server.


    This is where we will post updates about what we are doing. Or future projects that may come.