As some of you may know. Our channel has hit 42 subscribers as of this post. We are currently working on a 50 subscriber special. We are going to be making Capture the Flag in vanilla using the new minecraft 1.8 features. It may take a while to do, but it is going to be our 50 subscriber special/minecraft 1.8 minigame map.
Using the redstone skills that I know, I have made a fully working binary calculator.
You can find more info and a world download at the PMC page using the button below.
If you ever need a quick way to play the troll song, just go over to
It will play the troll song for you.

Feeling like a troll.

We have finally got our website moved over to
Our old address at will still be there but will no longer be updated.
The address also works to get to our website, it just redirects you to

Keep Derping
Hello everyone!

If you are wondering why it has been so long since we have posted anything, it is because we are very busy doing other things. Most of the time, absolutely noone is available so we can never do anything. And usually the only time that people are available, they are already doing other things and are not able to play. We have ideas for many videos, but we will not be able to record until everyone can get some free time.

The DerpCast Team
Just finished making the new website. Go check it out here:

It is going to be updated with anything we decide to add in the future.
Well, we have a blog now, and this is where we will post updates on what we do.

We will post things such as servers we are playing on, what we are currently working on, or things we may do in the future.

Also, check out our website. It is still in development but it will be finished soon.


    This is where we will post updates about what we are doing. Or future projects that may come.